My box of nostalgia I really have one. I wonder if you do…

My box of nostalgia..
This is the week to view it. Review it. Pack it up.. Close the 2015 section and begin anew.

I really have one. I wonder if you do, too?
This box of nostalgia is both healthy and unhealthy.

I searched through it tonight. I have memories dating back 20 years. I have some others more recent that were put in there..

Just recently, there has been a major shakeup in my life. My son’s day care is closing at the beginning of 2016. We picked a new one that will be in our lives until he starts Kindergarten in September. But for now, it was a complete mess of chaos along with a dose of sadness, melancholy zeal for the past, and hope for the future..

In times like this I always turn to my box of nostalgia.. one tucked away on a shelf in my house.

Things change quickly. And suddenly. And without remorse..without justification, often. And without mercy.

That is how I feel about the change right now in my life..

The change..

The nostalgia..

And the old dusty box of old documentation of a life that was.. is.. and somehow will be.

This is my time machine.

Don’t call me crazy. I know you have one, too.