KUBO pulls the emotional heart strings

Here is the synopsis of the film KUBO AND THE TWO STRING:

Living with his mother in peace, Kubo’s life is changed when he is tasked with finding the sword unbreakable, armor and helmet to defeat his sinister aunts and destructive grandfather. To assist, a monkey and beetle are on hand to help him.

But it goes from there to become one of the greatest and most powerful movies I have ever seen..

My son Ayden took note of the ads on TV for it, we decided as a family to make a movie day. None of us were ready for the wild ride of emotions that hit us.. From laughter and sadness to complete tears and enormous joy and pride of the hero of our film..

Kubo starts with a story that we should not blink.. that the story about to be told is very important.. It is not a lie.

One of my favorite entertainment sites the Flickering Myth has a good review of the film on its site. But not even the review does justice .. the movie is beyond emotional..

By the time the final act arrives, and the remake of MY GUITAR GENTLY WEEPS begins to play, Mom and Dad were tearful wrecks while Ayden was asking to see the movie again.

It was deep and meaningful.. it had moments for children and adults.. very strong, strong moments.

It is one of the best movies I have ever seen.