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*UPDATED AUGUST 2017: I have received some donations. For some reason this form is not capturing that. Thank you for those who helped. You seriously have helped greatly.

I have had several websites over the years.. I considered them all good kids. This kid, NIGHT TERROR NEWS, has been one of my favorite..

In the era where everyone asks for money, I find myself joining into the banter of the crowd.

I need some help–my website costs are up and I have increased the server size over the years. Thank to you, the readers. But that increased visibility has also led me to invest more than I can muster financially..

I need some assistance.

If you enjoy this website and want to help, I would truly consider it a blessing.. I would appreciate your help and love, and give back as much as I can.

This year, after being active online for over a decade, I had to cancel service on another website. NIGHT TERROR NEWS is in the same boat.  Only a bit of financial support would be in order. It would go a long way, and ensure that I’ll be around on here for some more time to come.

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Thank you again. Sincerely.


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