Death of a conspiracy theorist

You may or may not know the name Jim Marrs. Even if you are not aware of the former newspaper journalist turned conspiracy theorist extraordinaire you are aware of his theories..

He has been a frequent guest on a wide ranging number of shows–primarily he has been known for his work with Art Bell and George Noory on Coast to Coast AM along with Clyde Lewis from Ground Zero.

Today it safe and equally sad to report of his demise: He succumbed to a heart attack at his home on August 2, 2017.

Those same radio show hosts who gave him a national audience last night had some news too report.. Art Bell was saddened for a friend.. Lewis played a tribute show, and Noory opened with the news…..

His fame in the alternative news realm began in the late 1980s and early 90s–long before a world wide web was able to connect believers in unfashionable theories. His book CROSSFIRE: THE PLOT THAT KILLED KENNEDY made it all the way to the New York TIMES bestsellers list for paperback non fiction.. And that book was a big assist to Oliver Stone who would go on to create JFK, released in 1992..

There was a lot more than just JFK to theorize about. He moved on to a 1997 book ALIEN AGENDA that looked into UFOs.. even dedicated some thought that the moon could very well be a UFO itself! These were the premises of amazing late night baffling mystery hours on Coast with Bell in the 90s.. His theories were the basis of many others who took his thoughts and ran with it, creating an entire world of further thoughts and questions..

Marrs made appearances on mainstream media, as well. Lots of channels..

He write about 9/11 in later years, along with Naziism and the Great Pyramid.

And get this–seriously–he taught a course at the University of Texas at Arlington in the year 2000. The topic? What else! UFOs!

This year in March, lots of fans of his work got extra concerned when he had to cancel several events.. In June 2017, public prognosis releases didn't seem well.

And now at 73, he has ended his venture on this pale blue dot.

He has had a massive amount of importance within the world of strange other-worldly thought. While some of his theories could be lampooned as zany and 'out there,' he was able to reliably and dutifully bring your mind to a boiling point of conspiracy with him. He made you think. He created an atmosphere of mystery when he spoke. He was intelligent and astute in his writings, so much so that you'd have no other choice but question the reality you are told you live in..

He did well at that.
And now, a generation of conspiracy is quite honestly thankful that he was there.. as the grandfather figure of all that goes bump in the night. Goes bump in government. And goes bump deep in space, beyond the planet we inhabit and … somewhere out there where souls like Marrs now go to.

Rest in peace