This is the moment that many in Texas have been dreading..Hurricane Harvey appears to be doing everything that forecasters feared it would: Rapidly intensifying with warm Gulf waters.. spinning into a CAT 3 storm.. Getting ready to hit the Gulf Coast for days–days plural..

I quite frankly don’t think it is out of the question that Harvey will also turn into a CAT 4 storm briefly..it may even hit as that. Right now common believe is that when it comes on shore the strength will mimic a Category 3 hurricane. We will see.. The Gulf waters are hot. The land is hot as well..


The ocean waves are going to be an issue. I read last night that a buoy not even in a direct line of fire of Harvey was reading 13 foot ocean waves.

Right now last minute evacuations are taking place in locations that have the ways and means to do so..large cities are in the path of this storm. This morning on GOOD MORNING AMERICA there was even some fear porn ((and maybe warranted fear porn this time)) that places around Corpus Cristi may be uninhabitable for months or even years.


There is no doubt power outages are going to be near 100% in the path of the storm. Rivers and creeks that are near towns and cities will swell to quadruple their size.

Large population centers are in the path of the 25+INCHES of rain.. The storm’s duration will be days.

And finally, as always with Hurricanes, they have a mind of their own. Harvey may be not only punish Texas and other Gulf Coast areas for over 72 hours with heavy rain and wind, but then decide to move BACK INTO THE GULF OF MEXICO again afterwards and re-gain whatever strength is loses during its land-barrage.

New Orleans? You are not out of the question..other major cities aren’t either.

Nothing but prayers from me to the fine people ready to be nailed by this hell-storm. I know have some readers and friends in this area.. I will be sending my wellest of wishes to you in this time of crisis..

And all joking and politics aside, this is one moment that Donald Trump needs to step up to the plate, turn off Twitter, and actually prepare a coordinated FEMA response to a disaster….

A disaster after the great American Eclipse… Reading lots into things during a time of crisis may be a mistake.

Godspeed all.
Get out now if you have the ability..