For all of my talk and posting about the eclipse, I realized now I never did a complete follow up on what I thoughts.. my notions.

First, I was not in any path of totality. Those who were experienced the best that a solar eclipse has to offer.

That did not dampen my experience, though. At 75%, things in my parts were still very strange..

My dog cued himself up to act strange. More so than he does during thunderstorms..

My own sense of something began just as first contact with the moon took place. As the two heavenly bodies moved closer towards each other, there was a certain sense of doom and dread on a very cellular level–those ancient feelings of both homage and fright of an eclipse come rushing back to your brain..

The most amazing part to me was the air around me.. While it did not darken much, there was a certain point in which things were dim. And yet somehow sharper.. There was a wind that seemingly picked up from no where.. The sun’s rays were still shining, but everything became cool to the touch as though no light was reaching earth. And while your face was direct in the sunlight above, you started to now feel its rays.

Everything grew dimmer.. time seemed to slow down but yet somehow speed up–almost like it did not exist for a short duration.

And in the air? A deep and long lasting hum seemed to be stuck in my head. That, for me, was the least explainable thing. I have no idea if anyone else experienced that same thing. But I felt like there was a tone to the eclipse.

All of this said, without reaching totality, I now realize that next time I MUST..

Some may read a lot into this.. the great darkening of the landscape during the Presidency of Donald Trump..

x x x

Luckily for my, a solar eclipse of 100% will be zooming by Lake Erie on April 8, 2024. An event really not too far away.. There will be a number of states in the Eastern part of the United States that have the opportunity to once again witness a solar eclipse..

To become blinded by the light.

To look to the skies and see stars at night during the dark daylight..

Can’t wait.

This recent eclipse somehow connected me to ancients and futurists all the same. It illustrated how fragile life is.. and it taught me: Get your destination point scoped out early, and have glasses ready prior to a week before the event.

Seven more years..