Nightmares and dreamscapes: The red sun rising

I received a message a few days ago from someone who claimed she had a dream about a red sun.

While further conversation with her has not continued, she seemed to have had a very deep fear after awakening..

Afterwards, either because of the email, or because of my own subconsious fear of 2017’s weather patterns, I also had a red-sun nightmare..

It was very real. I haven’t blogged about nightmares lately.. Quite frankly I did not have any recently. Not even sure if I actually had dreams at all! None at least that can be chalked up as memorable…

Except this recent red-sun nightmare ..

In it, I was with a long lost friend who in reality I have not seen in quite some time. We were sharing pizza in my local mall. In the real world, this mall is closing and all stores are vacant. In my dream world the pizza restaurant still existed.

As the dream developed, it was sunset. While the solar body was leaving view, another red-sunlike body was slowly rising above a mountain in the distance. People were amazinly unphased by it! as though there was nothing to see.. I recall in vivid detail how I was attempting to provoke reactions from people, screaming “Look at the sky, that is not the sun!” Night began to turn bright.. the red sun increased in size.. At a certain point, it turned into a large white-hot fiery ball in the sky until ultra-bright light flashed through the landscape.. At the moment before waking out of the nightmare, my mind was thinking “this is the end of my life, I am being killed by an asteroid.”

When I woke up in the real world, I pondered for a bit as to what the dream, if anything meant.

Recently, there has been a ton of news concerning asteroids nearly hitting the planet. And, since I have a website like I do, I get lots of message from usual suspects sharing links with me about the impending doom that planet Nibiru will bring.

So if a mind is filled with such thought, perhaps it translates into dreams like I had..

And then today’s REAL headline gave me shivers. A red sun has been seen in Europe.

The phenomenom is being attributed to hurricane Ophelia..

Weather experts are marveling at this storm. A tropical system that became a category 3 in the far reaches of the Northern hemisphere in October.. and now remaining about a cat 1 on the scale, smacking directly into Ireland with 30 foot sea surges and then predicted to travel deeper into Europe, and England..

We are living through weather chaos in our modern age..

A storm of this nature hasn’t been seen in most of our lifetimes in Ireland.

According to the Met Office, the red sun is caused by winds pulling up Saharan dust.

This dust is then reflected and refracted in longer wavelengths, giving a red appearance to the sky.

Some areas have been forced to turn on street lights in the middle of the day as the dust partially blocked out the sun.

The news of our day becomes more frightening than the nightmares of our darkness..

The red moon rose before.

This time.. the red sun is rising.

I’d sure be interested if anyone out there has had similar thoughts or dreams.. leave a comment or email me privately at ..