The God Illusion Dissolution

After attending an emotionally charged viewing for a co-worker’s father, my mind became hell-bent on thinking about the obvious: Where do we go when we die. Like die. Like that moment when we cease to exist..

Having a squadron of friends of varied belief systems at the ready, I called one on my way home from the modern ritual of showcasing a deceased person and asked him what he thought.. It is a conversation we had a number of times. His belief on the matter has evolved. He was once comparatively atheist. Then agnostic.  And now back to an agnostic atheist.

He believes in science. Physics. Neil DeGrasse Tyson stuff. He read the GOD DELUSION. And he’s equipped with a vast amount of brain power to back up his disbelief in God.

I tend to take a more humble approach, exhibiting anger at the thought God would not exist but equalled amount of rage at the idea that he would, and such horrid things occur. My mind perhaps isn’t set on the best wave length to debate such topics. I add too much emotion to it, more so now that I am a father as opposed to a single man without a future lineage.

One thing he said during the discussion stuck with me: He believes that disbelief in God will lead to more respect of people. Less violence. Less killing. That more science will tend to make us grow as people, and forget the old century style of worship of false deities in turn for a study of real science and evolution.

Maybe we will not kill anymore base on faith. But a lack of human soul, or at least belief that one exists, could also lead to a dehumanization of all things..

After a long day of work, a viewing, and just a bunch of hours without sleep, I quite frankly stopped the talk. It was too much.

I knew I was coming home.. I knew that my son was going to sleep and it was his bed time..

When I got home, my son sat up in bed and became emotional that I was there, thanking me for coming home before he was asleep and hugging me.

Yes. There is a soul.
A god? I don’t know.
But a soul?