The fleeting moments of 2017

I have had just about ENOUGH nostalgia.. So why not put up one last post that includes every bit of it..

So let me ask you all this: Think back a decade or two.. did you EVER think you would see the digits 2 0 1 8 in the form of a year? Back during the bustling 90s. Before Y2K freaked out the world and the Mayan destruction of 2012 was set to occur..

I never quite conjured what 2018 would mean.. But as time goes these years all start to seem just mundane now. No number seems shocking.

Maybe you get a retirement statement yearly.. maybe it tells you that 2026, or 2036, or 2046 will be your end date. And while those years also may seem extremely far away, just realize how fast the previous 12 months went. Those years, as far away as they may be, are coming like a freight train of time and space.

Every year passes to a new one. We don’t do ourselves much favor by requesting of fate good fortune without doing anything to get it. The universe, which as Neil DeGrasse Tyson often jokes, wants to kill us. You don’t get something from the universe without at least a few negotiations..

We made resolutions. By mid-January they fall off the radar as life comes back to take hold.

We plan our fortunes and fame. Only to end another December twelve months from now in the virtual same state of being.

2017 weathered all of us. For better or worse, we were divided from its inception…

2018 may begin the same way. Only if we, as a population and people, don’t change it.

I have my own personal goals and aspirations.. My own trials and tribulations that are at this time unknown. WE ALL DO.

2017 proved the same thing most other calendar years did, too.. That you just can’t stop the hands of time.

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