The Pearl Theater has left the building

A few apologies for not acknowledging something of importance for the local area: The demise of the Pearl movie theater in the soon to be demolished Frackville mall.

The final day was January 15, 2018. With the rest of the Schuylkill Mall fully deceased, the last remaining holdout was the most amazing movie theater in the area..

Even until the final day, the location was filled with life, laughter, and fun. My family came to love the Pearl theater. Friendships and fond memories..

Around Christmas this year some family came home from surrounding states, and we enjoyed STAR WARS and JUMANJI with some cold adult beverages in the VIP room.

The fine folk at SKOOK NEWS took a camera to interview staff on the final day of the movie theater’s life . It’s a good video worth watching, spoken from the mouths of workers who are saying goodbye to the place they seem to love, too.

But all good things will get better! The movie theater announced recently that they are working on a plan to bring life to a dilapidated located in Pottsville, right near Yuengling and the fading fishwrapper. That is good news.

Good news not only because a movie theater with food and alcohol will be existent locally but also because Pottsville seems to be showing new signs of life as of late. Hope it continues.

Good things need to start happening sooner or later, right?

Meanwhile… the final and full death of the Schulkill Mall is complete. The only thing left to say goodbye to is the facade that will be wrecked by heavy equipment at some point soon in 2018.