Very divergent conspiracy theories abound about Elon Musk’s Roadster in space

Unless you have been hiding under a Martian rock, you have heard about Elon Musk’s SPACEX launch of a larger-than-ever rocket into space. It is carrying a car with a dummy named Starman. The world has been busy watching streaming video until the footage went dark.

Starman was going to be launched to Mars. But Musk admitted that the roadster overdid expectation.

The car was supposed to be circling the sun at the distance of the Mars orbit, but it overshot that path and seems to be in an orbit between Mars and Jupiter.

Mr Musk told a press conference: “The battery’s going to last about 12 hours from launch, roughly.

“After that it’s just going to be out there in deep space for maybe millions, maybe billions of years, who knows?

“Maybe discovered by some alien race that’ll be like, ‘What were they doing? Did they worship this car?’ Why did they have a little car in the car?’”

It does a lot for space travel between the Earth and Mars. It is a good bit of proof that something large can be launched towards Mars and that large object could in fact get there..

STARMAN’s trip is also a bit of a homage to not only the 1981 film HEAVY METAL but also David Bowie’s song STARMAN …

…..All of this seemingly so perfect, so amazing, that so many don’t believe it.

Despite the image of ‘Starman’ seeming to be a celebration of what HUMANS instead of robots could do, a large squadron of people loudly disbelieving the entire affair have taken to the Internet and social media. YouTube videos are popping up faster than damage in an asteroid belt to showcase reasons why the Starman footage that the world was able to see is fake. To them, it’s ridiculous. They are laughing at the prospects..

And then there are those who say the STARMAN footage is PROOF that the earth is actually flat! That’s right. This video, shown here, shows a light anomaly that some, somehow, believe is evidence that the earth’s roundness if a scam:

….and of course, any time something is in space, people peruse all of of the images for anything that may indicate life advanced beyond our wildest dreams in the universe. Some believe they found it with this image showing what appears to be a cigar-shaped something crossing the path of Starman:

So you have your pick of the litter.

Starman is a true event celebrating travel to space and beyond anything our current imagination can conjure..
It’s a hoax! A fraud! A lie and deception!
UFOs abound! See! There’s one now!
The earth is flat. Go far enough and you’ll fall off.

Thanks Starman.

Your travels made dreamers out of us. The dream, itself, is what differs.

Godspeed to the asteroid belt and beyond. I hope you survive and, as Musk said, is found by some distant life form wondering what in the world a Tessa car carrying a cool Starman was all about anyway.

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