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The EU is drafting plans to target Russian media–especially RT..

Tsarnaev arrives at Colorado prison..

Don’t fall into a black hole: You may live as a hologram..

OZY reports on the man with the most famous penis in history, John Dillinger.

The newest MIDNIGHT IN THE DESERT with Art Bell trailer offered by BELLGAB’s Jazmunda..

It was clear that aftering seeing IT FOLLOWS, a star would be born.. that star is Maika Monroe. She is now gearing up for HOT SUMMER NIGHTS.. She deserves the success.. Her role in IT FOLLOWS was mind blowing..

The story of the Westfield Watcher sounds more like a horror movie than true tale. And now news reports are reflecting that..

Strange Bobby Jindal presidential announcement videos compared to PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movie..

The changing America: New census figures show youth in the US along with greater diversity.. And the dying of a generation.. Millennials now outnumber baby boomers.. And this: More white people are dying than being born.. BUT.. the leaders may not represent the battle field. The United States Senate has never been older.

California set to mandate vaccinations..

Courtney Love attacked in Paris!! UBER driver held hostage by a mob of taxi drivers! This headline is real.. Love Tweeted that her car was ambushed and the driver was being held hostage.  Love Instagrammed that she loves France. But the ‘government blows’

This is something to watch (And an article to read): REASON.COM’s website editor says that the government ordered him to rat out commenters on the website!

Giant vortex forms in lake!


Happy solstice.
Happy father’s day.
Happy summer.
Happy Sunday.

The news of the day, the moment the hour on this Sunday morning sidewalk.

 Google taking a step back towards the don’t be evil saying: They are going to remove revenge porn sites.. This is a big issue not only in social media, pop culture, but also within tech itself.. And has been.

There are multiple reports from the previous 12 months of white vans being used in attempted abductions of people.. The vans always appear to have the same description..   Some have speculated that there is a network of child sex traffickers at play–a 2010 story in Florida seemingly connected white vans with that very crime.


A story on Pepper the robot.. and how at least one expert says that robots will be as popular as cars one day very soon..  Any futurist worth salt has been saying this for some time, but adding the prospect of printed organs and other materials, the future is going to be much more accelerated than what some may be able to mentally handle. Change isn’t always accepted..

New York investigates potential sightings of escaped convicts..

CHARLESTON SOUTH CAROLINA SHOOTING REIGNITES THE CONFEDERATE FLAG DEBATE..  one thing I learned this week: The Governor of the state cannot order the Confederate Flag to half mast.. only the legislature can. So when 9 people were brutally murdered in a hate crime, the Confederate flag waved high above the state capitol.. Yes indeed, this is a debate that needs to be had and settled.

State Department reports dramatic rise in terror attacks across the world in 2014..  And 81% increase.. .. 13,463 terrorist attacks, a 35 percent jump from 2013, resulting in more than 32,700 deaths, an 81 percent rise. More than 9,400 people were kidnapped or taken hostage by militants, triple the rate of the previous year..

For years,  M Night Shyalaman has been equally regarded as a genius and washed up director.. Fans love him. Critics hate him.. a new movie coming out this fall called THE VISIT, at least according to Jason Blum, may help some get restored faith in NIGHT.. Blum said, “And I think when you see “The Visit,” and when people see “The Visit,” they’ll see it’s — you know, he’s really back to — it feels like one of his earlier movies, and it really feels like one of the Night films that made him who he is. It’s really scary, and really gets under your skin. It’s more of a…thriller, but it’s a terrific movie, I’m really proud of it. And I’m even prouder of it that…I think people will be very pleasantly surprised by it.”

Scientists and study strikes the fear: Earth is now entering its sixth mass extinction event.. Questions if humanity will survive.. People going the way of the dinosaurs.. An fitting time than JURASSIC WORLD is the number one box office film in theaters..

ROB ZOMBIE promising a NON HORROR flick about Groucho Marx..
 I have been a long time critic of Zombie’s style of horror, I think it did more harm than good since HOUSE OF 1000 CORPSES became a hit. But he also struck while the iron was hot, figuring out what the post 9/11 horror crowd would accept and celebrate. Even though I disdain his style, especially his HALLOWEEN remakes, I think Zombie is one of the most creative and greatest movie makers alive today. His films may not be my cup of tea, but those cups are enjoyed thoroughly by millions of others. So really, in the end, my criticism is more a matter of opinion than factual based.  And a Groucho Marx movie? Now I’ll try that one.


The ongoing tragic situation in South Carolina where 9 were shot at black church..
The shooter spared one woman and told her to tell the world what happened..
Said “you have to go” as he killed..
The gunman SAT IN A PRAYER MEETING for one hour before his murderous rampage..

60 million displaced by global conflict across the world in 2014..

Weak laws gives power to Facebook and other social networking sites to OWN YOUR FACE..

The Green Pope: Vatican releases controversial and long expected encyclical on the environment.. The original text here.

Washington POST article says that the FDA ban of trans fats may be the most important change in this nation’s food ever.. Food companies have three years to phase out the use..

US NEWS magazine report: Americans have lost confidence. In EVERYTHING.

Lester Holt to remain the anchor of NBC NEWS

Women in the United States are having more babies! The birth rate has also DROPPED FOR TEENS. Meanwhile, the changing demographics of America is clearly present in the story when you delve deeper into the numbers.. Philip Bump (baby bump pun?) wrote in the Washington POST that in 49 out of 50 states last year, babies were more likely to be Hispanic than the population.

Wild Bill isn’t done.. This is an interesting storm. If you look at the radar of BILL over Texas, it’s still rotating.. even though it’s been over land for quite some time. ACCUWEATHER’s Hurricane Henry is speculating that by the time it reaches the East Coast on Sunday, it could cause high winds and beach erosion because of a tight gradient..


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Donald Trump is running for president. And Neil Young is really angry about the song he chose..
 The NATIONAL JOURNAL writes that Trump may actually matter in 2016..

BERNIE SANDERS surging in New Hampshire..

Scientists plan real life genetically modifying animals for military use…

US WOMEN’S TEAM ADVANCES.. Wambach’s goal..

China: Everest shifted 3 centimeters after Nepal quake but remains same height

FDA sets 2018 deadline for companies to eliminate trans fats from food.. More from the NY TIMES: The agency announced its plans to act in 2013 and has since addressed more than 6,000 public comments. The decision Tuesday was final and would effectively remove industrial trans fats from the American diet by 2018, a change that the agency has estimated could prevent 20,000 heart attacks and 7,000 deaths from heart disease each year…

California cuts off water supply to wealthy town amid awful state drought..

White blood cell death caught on camera for the first time ever..

‘Nationwide exorcism’ in Mexico..

City in Virginia awakened by weird booms..
 CBS 6 reports: People in Chesterfield, Dinwiddie, and Prince George said the activity was so intense it shook their homes. The constant booms, as people described them, began around 8:10 a.m. and lasted for about 10 minutes.


Mount Sinabung spews ash as seen from the nearest village in Karo district, North Sumatra.

1981 horror film THE HOWLING to be remade..

EXORCIST director says super hero films are ruining movies..


Shark attacks take place on North Carolina beach.. Beachgoers stay ashore in fear.. A teen lost limbs in an attack..

New revelations in the New York prison escape: Now it turns out, according to some reports, that Joyce Mithcell MAY HAVE wanted the two escaped convicts to kill her husband!

Pope Francis’ historic climate change paper leaked days in advance to release..
Pope Warns of unprecedented damage to the planet Earth..

Syrians flee the war rush through broken down border fences to enter Turkish territory illegally, near the crossing at Akçakale in Sanliurfa province, on June 14, 2015.
Powerful images show Syrians fleeing border to Turkey..

A disturbing story from CNN: How children are trafficked into Europe..

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AMC is ready to be the NETFLIX of horror movies.. all gore and scare streaming all of the time..

The future is now: Robot workers to replace farm workers in fields..

Creepy blizzard of mayflies hit Harrisburg PA this weekend..
 I saw them myself.. A strange scene near the river at 10pm.

Texas Braces for Tropical Storm Bill
Texas braces for Tropical Storm Bill.. The state was already deluged with water for weeks.. Hopes and prayers are with them in this latest round of weather misery coming..

Mexico Braces for Flooding Rain, Damaging Wind From Carlos
Mexico braces for Carlos..

A river of storms will drench the MIDWEST to the NORTHEAST this week..

Retail is dead: GAP set to close 175 more stores.. They are hoping for this action to pull them from their great North American slump..

USA TODAY profiles Art Bell.. he is returning to broadcasting in July.. And lots of fans *me included* are very excited..


 United States is training Ukraine troops on the doorstep of Russia.. Meanwhile we do that, we are going to go to the G7 to discuss ‘Russian aggression’ ..


G-7: Obama Says Summit Will Discuss Russian 'Aggression' in Ukraine
Drink first. Business later. Obama at the G7..

BUT the Brits took notice.. an article in the UK TELEGRAPH noted that once Obama landed, he headed straight for the pub.. And they explain: Eleven in the morning might be considered a little early for a beer in some parts of the world, but in Bavaria breakfast is not complete without a weissbier, as the local wheat beer is called… So it’s a simple answer: When in Bavaria, do as Barvarians do..

NY fugitives.jpeg
Massive manhunt underway for two escaped killers.
They broke out of a maximum security prison in New York..
They escaped through a manhole and used power tools.. (They got them where…?)
Cuomo views the manhole..

Pope at Bosnia mass: There is an atmosphere of war..

From the CONVERSATION website, the story of how an undergraduate discovered tubes of plasma in the sky..

Denny Hastert rushed to make money in 2010 as his debt grew with payouts..

A media ‘theorist’ (they call people conspiracy theorists when they want to put them down, media theorists when they hire them) Douglas Rushkoff writes in CNN that the hack this week from China of United States government personnel information may be a tremor before the quake.. He writes that it could be a sign of a fragile communication network where nothing is sacred or safe.. He makes this valid point: “Government officials will surely brush off the damage as minor. Sure, it’s inconvenient for all these workers to have their Social Security numbers and other important records released, but it’s not like the enemy has our nuclear launch codes. But with their hands on private personnel data — particularly that of officials and operatives with the highest levels of security clearance — they have unpredictable leverage in any number of situations.”  But I would go a step further and yet again bring up that pesky problem: China seemingly is building a massive database for some reason on American citizens.. Perhaps, as some have alluded, they are just waiting to use it when they ‘collect the debt.’ Maybe they are just curious .. maybe it’s nefarious.. Yes. Think about it.. any time a government builds a massive database of people by stealing personal and private information, it’s nefarious in nature..  Rushkoff’s article is good.. Take a read.

A BEE story.. The latest theory as to why the honeybee population is suffering greatly across the world.. Bees suffer dementia due to metal pollution: Aluminium contamination may be behind insect decline

AMERICA 2015: EGG RATIONING.. At least one company that operates 350 stores is stopping the purchase of eggs in bulk.. The Avian Flu has caused chaos..

Family horrified as blood starts running down its walls..

Paranormal Activity
NIGHT TERRORS is a mobile game that turns your smart phone into a horror movie found footage show.. The game has nothing to with this site (unfortunately for me)..  Night Terrors, an alternate-reality game, uses your phone screen and horror-trope sound effects to create an immersive (and terrifying – don’t forget terrifying) experience that you can have right in the comfort of your very home… But a bit creepy here, more so in real life than fiction, is this: The app uses your phone’s camera to process everything in real time..
In our future, nothing is real. And everything is real. At least virtually..


Demonstrators In Munich Protest Upcoming G7 Summit
Trade deal controversy: Senator Jeff Sessions asks the President why the trade package is being hidden.. A scathing letter was written to Obama.. But the president has a new partner: Paul Ryan.. Democrats are fiercely opposed to Obamatrade. As are civil libertarians and unions. In favor, heavily, are Republicans.. It’s beginning to feel like 1993 all over again, minus Ross Perot, Al Gore, and Larry King..

Chicago neighborhood disrupted by a ROMAN CANDLE FIGHT.. You read that right. The gang fight in Garfield Park had the young men stopping traffic on a busy street to fight with roman candles, the tubelike fireworks that emit fireballs.  To showcase how much society has progressed–or regressed–the people who live near the site of the firefight don’t seem to mind  much..CBS CHICAGO ended their story with this quote: “It don’t bother me,” said Chaquita Lane, another neighbor. “Sometimes they do it when I try to put my kids to sleep. I guess that’s how they play over here.”..

New numbers from New York City: Crime is soaring.. All eyes on Mayor Deblasio as the police commissioner says the bad old days are back.. The old days of grime and goons? Who has not seen the intro to NIGHT COURT or any 80s movie that showcases the big apple as a cesspool of epic proportions, where crime is rampant and the only thing that may actually be able to rescue the faltering city is a masked caped crusader or a flying super hero from outer space.. The entire scene turned around in the early 1990s.. People angrily opposed Rudolph Guiliani’s cut down of petty crime, but it cleaned the city and made it a tourist hit. The NYC of 80s TV looked very different when compared to the 90s SEINFELD. Pop Culture took notice of the changing landscape of the city..
But enter the modern era: the number of murders spiked 19.5% during the first five months of the year, the number of people shot is up 9.2% and the number of shooting incidents jumped 9%


FRANCE 24’s website is running an article about the town of Medjugorje in Bosnia.. The location, some would say, or miraculous and highly spiritual events. FRACNE 24 writes, For believers, the Bosnian town of Medjugorje is as sacred as Lourdes or Fatima, a place where the Virgin Mary appeared to children that decades on has become a huge pilgrimage site.And ahead of Pope Francis’ visit to the capital Sarajevo on Saturday, the Catholics who flock to this small town hope the Vatican may finally recognise its controversial shrine, as it does the “official” ones in France and Portugal.”   There are a number of websites, including this popular one, that specialize in broadcasting the words of the supposed visions in this town. There are also true believers who say miracles have occurred when they prayed in Medjugorje..  Countless numbers of Christians make a pilgrimage to this town yearly.. And regardless of whether the Pope or Vatican ever rule the events there as real or a ‘miracle’ officially in the eyes of the Church, it really won’t matter.  Medjugorje already sealed its fate and reputation and will, no matter what officials from the manmade church say, be a location where true believers or want-to-be-believers flock to find their place in the vast universe and talk with who they believe and hope is the creator.  If you want to believe or want to know what believers are saying, you can visit the Facebook page that holds the ‘messages’ given by Mary and the countless comments afterwards of people proclaiming that a ‘warning’ is coming: 


Fear!! A school went into lock down after a man was witnessed walking around it in a STAR WARS stormtrooper outfit.. This happened in Salem. The stormtrooper in question was 40-year-old George Cross.. Police acknowledge his STAR WARS gun was not real, but also said that you can’t really do such things in today’s fearful environment..  The principal said the school erred on the side of caution. Others say it was an error. Though then SALEM NEWS article doesn’t official account for the reason the man was dressed up in a STAR WARS outside, the comments section make it more clear.. he was not in the school property but visible from the school, and there is speculation that he was potentially a member of 501st Legion, the group of people who dress up as storm troopers for children’s charities.. But this stormtrooper was charged with disturbing a school with his space gun on the last day of class..

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MERS, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, has infected at least 40 people in South Korea and killed four.. there is a lot of fear over this SARS like virus.. The World Health Organization has taken notice and is intervening.. Not too long ago: MERS infected more than 8,000 people around the world and killed 774 before it was stopped in 2004.. Since 2012, it’s infected more than 1,180 people and killed close to 450 of them.. While MERS isn’t seemingly spread easily , the constant worry is always mutation and a syndrome becoming a genius, realizing the better way to get around and kill.. But what does spread easily? FEAR.. There are 1000 schools shut down in South Korea and an entire population donning surgical masks in public. Though others rightfully say it’s not time to panic. Yet.

To the shoppers at Walmart but also the workers, relief is on the way! In a recent board meeting, Walmart announced that it was ditching the Celine Dion and Justin Bieber song.. The reaction: The Washington POST summed it up like this: “The one that seemed to draw the most whoops from the crowd was a pledge to ditch a CD that has apparently been on loop in the stores for months and begun to drive employees crazy. The CD was a punch line multiple times in executives’ presentation to workers, including when a puppet character named Willie joked that being a Wal-Mart store worker was getting dangerous. When Mike Moore, executive vice president of supercenters, asked why, Willie replied, “One of my fellow associates recently developed a serious eye-tic from hearing Celine Dion’s greatest hits on loop in our stores.” Justin Bieber was also name-checked as one of the singers featured on the notorious CD.”  Changes like this will be noticable.  The solution: Wal-Mart stores and distribution centers will soon have a new soundtrack that they’re calling Wal-Mart Radio, in which a DJ will spin tunes to be pumped through the stores.. Rockin’ good time with low prices and foreign goods.. the Walmart of the 21st century may have been born with the elimination of DION AND BIEBER into the refuse pile..

This seems to be up Night Terror News’ alley: Nightmares .. A new documentary about night terrors–sleep paralysis to be exact–is getting rave reviews from horror sites and professionals in the medical field alike.. The documentary tells the tale of real people who suffer from the most misunderstood and yet most feared–when it happens–event: Seeing ghouls and shadow people all the while your body is fixated in a position and unable to move. Rodney Ascher is the creator of THE NIGHTMARE.. the key point selling to horror crowds: The documentary style reenactments of the terror that real people felt during their sleep paralysis. The movie promises to be so frightening that BLOODY DISGUSTING, a popular horror site, even asked if this movie may be scarier than IT FOLLOWS, the other big horror hit of the year. B-D also showed a clip exclusive to its site of THE NIGHTMARE (following another clips DEADLINE shared in a January ‘exclusive’) Yes indeed.. judging from that clip, this may be not only a frightening documentary about a real syndrome, but also an important movie to get sleep paralysis out more into the open and talked about in the light of day… since the dark of night can often be the scariest time for an unknown number of people who suffer from this.


Megan Fox
Momma Fox shows off a light in the latest image taken of her on the set of NINJA TURTLES 2.. Though she seemingly is hiding her thumbs from the glare of the camera, most else is revealed .. E! ONLINE gets in depth about her body.. it sounds as though she may have recently watched the KATIE COURIC FED UP documentary.. But it’s going to be clear that, just as every Megan Fox related film does, TMNT2 will sell sex with the use of her body. And her body dressed in tight school girl outfits (these really never existed when I was in school, and from the cut of the jibs I schooled with, I am grateful for that.)  And yes the fanboys will be excited to see Fox.. but by June 3 2016, the over-abundant images of her body will become old.. I am not complaining, mind you, but also looking forward to more BAXTER STOCKMAN and BEE-BOP AND ROCK STEADY shots..

The new SCREAM mask revealed.. Wes Craven told Entertainment WEEKLY–the magazine that got the selfie–“The new mask is cool and scary and takes the series into a new direction”.. SCREAM will premiere on MTV on June 30..
The mask takes the series in a new direction, you can tell.. The importance of masks is evident.. there is endless debate what Micheal Myers mask was the best.. about which FREDDY movie featured the best makeup.. about the coolest JASON hockey mask. And now this: The debate among the fans will be which mask symbolizes fear.. more from EW: “The [original] mask is so iconic. If you were to have that mask in a television series, but you weren’t following any of the characters [from the original], I believe that would be misleading the audience,” exec producer Jaime Paglia told EW.

Jessa Seewald detailed the sexual abuse she and sister Jill Dillard experienced at the hands of their older brother Josh Duggar in a sit-down interview with Megyn Kelly on “The Kelly File” Friday night … she said Josh was a ‘little too curious’ about girls. 5 of them. Oh, and his sisters..

A teen girl from Washington State jumped to her death off a bridge days after her dad posted a ‘public shaming’ video to YouTUBE..  This is a crazy new generation.. I am serious. Everyone needs to take a chill pill, to borrow a term from the 80s not uttered in public since then. I have had a few conversations with people regarding this ‘public shaming’ craze.. I think it’s downright sickening. The bullying that kids do is wretched as well, along with any monstrous attempt of children to make light of others by using social media against them.  In trying to teach my son manners and respect, we are informing him slowly but surely of what other kids will eventually tell him to do. I hope by the time he is of school age, that he will make a choice soundly to reject bigotry, ageism, racism, sexism, and nonsense.  My wife and I pray we will have done our jobs and keep him from bullying. We pray harder he will not be bullied. But if he falters or fails, the last thing we will do is look for public consumption or attention with these ridiculous ‘public shaming’ videos.. The adolescent going through puberty has enough on his or her plate..Enough that a public shaming video that gets picked up by Drudge or made famous on TUMBLR or YOUTUBE will only add to.. Public shaming, in a sense, is no different than bullying.. The real way we teach our kids to be bullied is by doing it–they do what they see and not what they are told to do. They act respectful if a parent does.. they act responsible if a parent does. This isn’t a lesson taught by the Bible or tradition.. You can simply learn this lesson by watching WILLIE WONKA. The bag egg who wanted it all? She was discarded into the garbage heap.. As was her father afterwards.. because the lessons of life are passed down and often times parents neglect a thoughtful look in the mirror.
Instead they, like their children, want instant fame and fortune. And they make shaming videos.
In this situation, of Izabel Laxamana, she was shamed and then committed suicide days after.
Perhaps a cautionary tale exists here: If a child commits an act of animalistic behavior, all forms of technology should be disposed of for a while.. And maybe, if the child is old enough, a visit to the Holocaust museum may be in order. That way the tired tot could see just how real bullies succeeded in their goals… that life lesson, history lesson, and morality tale is most likely a better recourse than a parent picking up a devil’s device and filming a public shaming video of the child he or she is supposed to love more than life.
Just a thought..Disagree if you will, but I will stand by my statement..

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