Fights break out at malls across America! And not only fights.. but these were rampages.. carnage.. SWAT teams were dispatched as families fled from gunfire.. Massive brawls break out as shoppers descend on American malls that still exist..

Seasons beatings After Christmas sales: A series of apparently unconnected fights and disturbances broke out at malls across the country the day after Christmas, leaving shoppers desperate for an exit and authorities struggling to wrangle unruly crowds…

The windy bloody city: 54 shot, 11 fatally, over Christmas weekend..

Website picks the best horror movies of  2016..

Megan Fox eyed for POISON IVY in next Harley Quinn film..


tumblr_nzxevicxww1qfjo2go1_400Relax.. it’s over.

it-pennywiseThe newest PENNYWISE image revealed.. September 2017 release date. Just in time for yet another small town clown hit in the new year..

OBAMA claims HE could have won in 2016..

Christmas in Chicago: 43 shot..

George Michael’s manager speaks out about possible cause of singer’s untimely death..

Details emerge about George Michael’s secret acts of kindness..

This is a bizarre story from history that goes unsaid.. How Saddam Hussein modeled a paramilitary unit after Darth Vader..

Rescue of a family from being lost in the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon being hailed as a Christmas miracle..

Brutal Christmas blizzard wreaks havoc..

Protein hype: People flushing their money down toilets..





New ROGUE Star Wars movie may be set for a $350  mil global opening!

Controversy as the head of Exxon-Mobil may be the next Sec of State.. Watch the news this week to see if Rex Tillerson or Mitt Romney oil up the post..

No Joke: Hillary Clinton considering ANOTHER RUN for the presidency.. 

SNL hit: The eyes of Trump..

Washington has become the first U.S. state to sue the agrochemical giant Monsanto over pervasive pollution from PCBs, the toxic industrial chemicals that have accumulated in plants, fish and people around the globe for decades…

Christmas is the time to say I love you.. in Palmyra it is the time for a horrendous battle that goes back and forth between ISIS and other rebels in the endless Syrian civil war.. Control of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra has been going back and forth between government forces and so-called Islamic State, reports say.. A developing story..

Surgeon General (the current one) says that E-Cigs are a major public health concern..

Dinosaur tail covered in feathers and trapped in amber found!

List: The 25 best and worst horror movies of 2016..

The NEW YORK TIMES profiles groundbreaking horror movies you won’t see in a theater..   Among the listing: HUSH, one of the best movies of the year ..

The BYE BYE MAN looks really, really freaky.. Set in 1990s Wisconsin, when three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name.. The release: January 13 2017 (A smart move! People like horror after holidays and especially during the cold month of January. The timing may work perfectly) ..

THE SEASON begins to win: OFFICE CHRISTMAS PARTY winning against MOANA in early box office numbers. But it’s weak.. and the Disney picture still has a chance to win.. back to the ugly sweaters of the raunchy OFFICE:  It brought in $6.6 million as of Friday and is expected to finish the weekend at about $17 million. That’s slightly below expectations of $20 million in ticket sales from the U.S. and Canada from Friday through Sunday..

Bad news for the fever: If you’re trying to spice up a love life in the bed room, you may want to avoid Justin Bieber.. new survey finds that his music is a a major turn off to love..


Trump has important decisions to make. After his Twitter rant.

“Constitutional crisis” predicted for President-Elect Trump .. Before he takes office..

Conservative blog American Thinker offers up an amazing possibility for the election of 2016 (which does not seem to be over yet): State recounts don’t get done on time, the election then goes to Congress to decide all over again!

trumpNakedness quickly becoming the apt way to protest the Trump presidency.. 

Luke Skywalker attacks! Mark Hammil says Trump cabinet is a ‘who’s who of really despicable people’

cys4pwtweaaziaf7-year-old Tweets (his Twitter run by his mother) showcases the horror of Aleppo and lives of children during wartime.. 

Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago dust clearing: 8 dead and 58 injured.. the city’s homicide rate at a 10 year high.. this is a crisis of horrid proportions that few in the major media ever even talk about .. That many deaths and injuries, you would think if not for the racism among media elite, would be top story status..

Man in Pennsylvania charged with homicide after shooting teenage firefighter before town’s “Light Up Night” 

Chaos continues in Australia as more ‘thunderstorm asthma’ cases hit people..

NATIONAL GEOGRPAHIC (not a conspiracy site) says our first alien encounter could happen soon!

Justin Bieber, the ‘reformed teenage delinquent,’ has a set back with punch .. and then there is this: Justin Bieber’s EX got away with showing nipples on Instagram!

What Culture’ website says CABIN IN THE WOODS is the best horror of the decade so far.. // beats out BABADOOK and IT FOLLOWS, along with CONJURING..

ROGUE ONE pre-sales may have crashed online ticket servers..

ROGUE ONE will NOT feature famous opening crawl..

Claim: Leaked ‘dialogue’ from Luke Skywalker to Rey from STAR WARS 8..

MOANA called the ‘perfect’ Disney movie after 80 years of experiments..

Speaking of MOANA, it was a holiday hit: Box offices for the Disney film was $81.1 mil while ALLIED and BAD SANTA 2 struggled in the family friendly atmosphere.. MORE..  Moana topped the extended holiday box office with the second largest five-day Thanksgiving opening of all-time and the third largest three-day Thanksgiving opening of all-time, leading a top twelve that grossed a combined $173 million. Moana was, however, the only real success story..

westantarctiScientists claim: West Antarctic ice shelf is breaking up from the inside out..  // It’s generally accepted that it’s no longer a question of whether the West Antarctic Ice Sheet will melt, it’s a question of when,” said study leader Ian Howat, associate professor of earth sciences at Ohio State. “This kind of rifting behavior provides another mechanism for rapid retreat of these glaciers, adding to the probability that we may see significant collapse of West Antarctica in our lifetimes.”

But then there is this claim: Scientists ‘shocked’ that Antarctic sea ice extent is similar to what it was 100 years ago..

Study claims that, yes, time travel IS POSSIBLE.. Dr Michael Hall and Professor Howard Wiseman from the Center say that parallel universes are not science fiction. They explain that if multiple, interacting universes exist, time travelers then could visit Earth… BUT… detractors abound: Other physics experts are divided on the theory.  Dr Lawrence Kraus from the Arizona State University is skeptical of the hypothesis. Huffington Post cites a Czech Republic physicist who says the theory is “a hopeless enterprise and a huge waste of time.”

popocatepetl-735655All of the quakes and now this: Volcano erupts and fires three miles into the sky .. and triggers a quake in Mexico.. 

CLAIMS: Kanye West is paranoid and depressed as he remains hospitalized..  But did KIM abandon him?

An Olympic ice-dancing gold medalist and her on-ice partner have caused controversy by dressing up in concentration camp uniforms for a dance routine on a popular television show…

Cirque Du Soleil incident: Olympian gymnast plummets to the ground during trapeze show..

Samsung rumors: Will the company split in half? 

girlpowerforeverCelebrating the best female graffiti artists across the world .. a new film called GIRL POWER.. 

ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS star says that social media is making girls sick! The comedian said trying to follow the example of women like Kim Kardashian on Twitter “can’t be good for you” because she looks like an “automaton”…

Four women, known as the ‘San Antonio Four’, spent 15 years behind bars, convicted for gang-raping two young girls in 1998. Now, Elizabeth Ramirez, Cassandra Rivera, Anna Vasquez and Kristie Mayhugh have been exonerated in a case that was steeped in homophobia and the Satanic Panic.

Black Friday 2016

This is a great video from Mark Dice.. the Black Friday zombies of 2016

Every year we see things like this.. this year, the Black Friday fight appears to be .. over.. towels.. VIDEO PROOF.. Here.

REVENGE OF THE 20TH CENTURY! Early black Friday winners includes… wait for it… DEPARTMENT STORES!

Florence Henderson dead. She died of heart failure Thursday at 82.. Tributes are pouring in from the entire world of entertainment — this has become a very tragic year for deaths in the celeb world



The big day.. the first Thanksgiving since we were told the world ended when Donald Trump won the November election.. and forgive me for speaking politically in another post, but let’s face it: This election and reaction has been visceral..

As I write this in a dark room during what we have always been told is the ‘biggest party night of the year,’ I have a light beer cracked open and Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis in playing the background.. I am perusing the online world of ‘news’ article and realized that there are hundreds posted online from news sources across the nation all about how Thanksgiving dinner will be hit with politics.. and how to avoid it.

A few highlights..

The Baltimore Sun is speaking about how to avoid the dreaded political mayhem at the dinner table..

The Chicago TRIBUNE gives tips on ‘no turkey talking’ ..

A CBS affiliate is asking if you can survive politics on Thanksgiving..

The NEW YORK TIMES is reporting that some are opting out of Thanksgiving politics talk..

x x x


Every year I post this image online. I have had a website since the year 2000, and around 2001, this was a shot taken by an AP photographer and it was posted online .. it was the first Thanksgiving that America had to live through since 9/11 .. that first Thanksgiving was difficult. It was intense.. The feeling of unity, however, was strong. There were American flags and pumpkin pies in every town and on every table. The photo of this man, on the eve of Thanksgiving, struck me.. it was someone who seemingly was racing through life, and with the events of that year racing around his head and our collective spirit, the whirlwind of time finally seemed to hit him as he raced for his subway.. and since 01, I posted this photo somewhere..

This year, time has moved on.. today the LA TIMES posted this photograph of people on the Left Coast struck in snail’s pace traffic jams..


Some are racing home.. some are pacing themselves.

We have come a long way since 9/11.. we have are now going into a term of a third president since the terror attack took place.
And ….united we stood then.. Divided we stand now.

x x x

I question whether we are really as divided as media sources would tell us.. I have divergent opinions in my own family and undoubtedly, as we always do, we will discuss politics at the dinner table. We never had that ‘dinner is too sacred’ attitude to not talk about it.. I can also, however, acknowledge that this year there may be reasons to avoid talk. Hillary…Trump.. it’s been a long and hateful year.

x x x

President Obama pardoned his final turkey today.


This has always been one of my favorite moments of any year.. it’s the time when you realize the holidays have begun. The famed presidential pardon. I assume Donald Trump will continue the tradition.. but he will surely look strange doing it.

You can easily get used to seeing someone in the White House. When Bush left the keys to Obama, it took time to get used to a new face. Just as much as it took when Clinton handed over the White House to Junior. And when Trump takes the reigns? Well that will be the weirdest sight of all.

We are going on the second week since Trump’s victory and it still feels like the same election fight from prior to November 8 is taking place. Tonight, CNN’s headline is showcasing Hillary Clinton’s popular vote victory of 2million as their main headline..
….something perhaps only reinvigorating the debate that may take place at tomorrow’s dinner table.

x x x

I think political talk at tables is fine.. There was always politics discussed in my family’s house when I grew up. There were battles, too! Oh my were there battles. Anger.. hostility.. The Iraq war was the same, as I can recall. As will, probably, be tomorrow. And any other holiday.

I think it is healthy, in this nation, to have a good old fashioned debate or chat over turkey and yams .. anything goes.

Instead of avoiding political talk, just have it! Don’t be afraid!

Just.. be calm. Careful. And kind. Those traits go well with opinionated Thanksgiving dinner talk.



Riots hit Charlotte over police shooting..

My good friend Anghus used to pen a column for my site as the 21st century dawned.. now he is writing a successful column at Flickering Myth.. this week he wrote a doozey! Are we drowning in nostalgia? He concluded we are.. And it was not a good thing for blockbusters or culture.. He is write. It is also interesting that just this week, I wrote a column on this site regarding nostalgia itself, and how it is really becoming an enemy. I geared it towards the more personal.. but It is also true that you can look at society as a whole and conclude the same. We are becoming stuck in the past instead of moving on. Even this year’s presidential election has reminders of the Reagan era with Trump effectively using the Reagan model for his own candidacy..

The BLAIR WITCH redo flopped at the box office.. VARIETY is wonder if the era of found horror movie footage is over.. It comes in phases.. it’s interesting to note, that if the era is indeed over, it lasted for a good long time since the FIRST BLAIR WITCH inspired it..

The Bayer Monsanto merger could actually eliminate the MONSANTO name from existence and replace it with Bayer CropScience.. which is too bad for all of the anti GMO people who purchased DOTCOMs with ‘Monsanto’ in the name.. And a smart move by Bayer if they ditch a name that has become shrouded in infamy..

FDA plans to launch app to combat heroin abuse with detailed locations users can find anti-opiod drugs..

Ratings for Hillary/Trump debate set to defy gravity..

Freddy Kreuger had a very special place in the history of STARWARS.. really.. Robert Englund auditioned for Luke Skywalker, but also convinced Mark Hammil to do the same..And if it wasn’t for Freddy, all of history could have been changed..And maybe Hammil would have been Freddy in some alternate universe


Another device explodes in Jersey..

The weekend of attacks.. A mass stabbing at a mall.. bombs in New Jersey and New York.. and last night another found..
According to the latest reports, there are some men in custody being questioned. And this:

The intense investigation into the weekend bomb blasts in New York and New Jersey is leading authorities to signs of a possible terror cell in those two states, law enforcement officials told CNN Monday. The ongoing investigation, now encompassing the discoveries of two bombs in New York City and in two cities in New Jersey, has given authorities leads on specific people that are urgently being sought.

New fears of active terror cell in the tristate area..

What happened to Hillary Clinton in just two days!?
And new polls:Only 39% Votes Think Clinton Healthy Enough For Job.. Along with that, the LATIMES daily tracker has Trump up 7 .. Hillary hoping that North Carolina is the firewall for her path to Jan 20 17..

Politics take center stage at EMMYs..

Claim: Domestic violence against men soaring to record levels..