The shake rattle and earth boom time

Booms are sounding across the land.. trumpets blazing..Weird noises from sea to sea and across the pond..

The latest story to circulate across the web is from WORLD NET DAILY. Some may justifiably mock the veracity of this website, but it was linked today on the DRUDGE REPORT. And the rest is viral history.

There are some weird oddities from the planet earth. As WORLD NET DAILY writes,

Southern New Jersey had baffled residents on Oct. 25 who called 9-1-1 centers. It was also heard and felt in the Philadelphia area. An earthquake was ruled out. There was speculation about a sonic boom from military aircraft flying out of the Naval Air Station near the Patuxent River in eastern Maryland. But a public affairs officer from the base said there were no aircraft flying in the area that morning. There is also speculation about an inversion, which happens when a layer of warmer air sits over a layer of cooler air, magnifying the sound of an aircraft miles away.

The same day – a world away – residents in Sydney, Australia’s inner west and outer southern suburbs were awakened to extremely loud explosion sounds, leaving some fearing for their lives.

According to news reports, savage bomb-like booms echoed across the city and as far as 30 miles to the south. Powerful cracking sounds shook homes and buildings and were joined by bursts of blinding white light, likened to the flash of a speed camera. The sounds have been attributed to a lightning storm. But some aren’t buying it … because there was no lightning seen.

None of this is the first time I have written about the booms, shakes, rattles, and rolls that have been heard. As a matter of fact, this all really started around the end of 2011 and through 2012. I distinctly recall some at that time believing it was the end of it all. Remember back then when the Mayan Calendar was supposed to swallow us whole and kill the world? Did not happen. I don’t think . . . Unless CERN perfected time travel and were able to thrust the earth by some giant asteroid.

Linda Moulton Howe has also been documenting these weird bursts from earth on her website and on Coast to Coast AM since 2011. Back then, trumpet noises were all the rage. Then it turned into giant booms and loud explosion noises.. houses shaking… the ground a quake-in…

At this point, besides a few reasonable exceptions due to supersonic aircraft or real earthquakes, most of these noises remind a mystery.

So much so that a website has popped up and successfully be able to sweep up as many global news stories about the noises as they can..

And weird noises they are.

Somehow moving this planet.. somehow moving buildings.. and causing frayed nerves in the minds and hearts of those who witness them.

Did YOU ever hear these noises?
I did..
And they are strange indeed.