Be kind. Rewind. Video rental stores from the coal region and beyond!

If you’re like me, this old artwork from Blockbuster video gives you a rush of nostalgia.. a sudden burst of memories come flooding back about spending LOTS of time at places like this.

Or maybe Hollywoood Video. Or perhaps your local video rental dive, where VHSs and DVDs were mixed together, and a whole shelf existed to rent old Wrestlemanias and Nintendo and Super Nintendo games.

I actually fondly remember the video rental stores Schillings and Ashland Video in Ashland.. Never was much of a fan of Power Video, but they had that secret back room where you can get the ‘other’ movies not reserved for shelves that kids could see..

Schillings was especially my favorite. Though by the time they finally closed, I am pretty sure I had a late-fee and forgetting to rewind charge nearing $50.

But it was not my refusal to cooperate with 20th century rules that led to the fall of the video stores.. it was time itself.

Blockbuster video survived well into the first decade of the 21st century. And Hollywood Video was a must-go-to stop after eating at Ruby Tuesdays and bowling in Pottsville during my early 20s.. But then .. Gone.

Time moves you on.

These were the days.. The sunlight dimming across the ancient sky. And all the while you endless walked through mazes of video aisles trying to find the perfect video.

Be kind.


But time will never go back. The present time is here to stay. At least for this fleeting moment of our existence..