The phone free Father’s Day

Let me begin by saying this before anything.. I love tech. I have an iPhone and four older versions.. I am currently typing this blog post on a Samsung.. I also have a desktop and laptop. I even had a typewriter and would still use it if it was not for the constant ink I was wasting through misspellings..

And this, too! I had a blog in some form or another since I was 18 years old. Before you say no big deal, remember, I am getting old. Thirty five now.. I had a website before they were cool and blogged before it had a name. Back in the exciting days of the Internet, when everything was new. And when you had to disconnect for your parents to use their phone. THAT was the internet.

All of that tech to the side, I am constantly wondering if my 5-year-old son is too addicted to technology. He seems to know so much about his YouTube families… like Zack Scott (the gamer who my son Ayden told me wished he was his co-daddy.) Ayden also loved the Engineering Family for a while, until he outgrew play doh eggs. And now he’s really into the FGTEEV family, especially the young son Chase.  These names, these people from faraway places who play games or showcase their lives online, are household names for us now.  When Ayden watches them, I watch too.. It really is bizarre in some way.

But this weekend, something great took place. My wife Tara and I took Ayden to the Washington Spirit vs Orlando Pride soccer game in Maryland. It was a beautiful day. Ayden donned his Kreiger 11 shirt.  The summer sun was beating down on it.. there was a cool breeze and deep blue sky that went on forever.  The day turned into night and the game ended 2-0 with a Spirit win.

And just then I realized something.. Ayden, who is always eying up the next YouTube video, was phone free for hours.. Almost an entire day!
You need to understand what a miracle this is.. . This is not to say that Ayden is not an amazing child, bright and fun, playful and creative. But when a phone or Ds3 or smart tablet is in front of him, the glaze over effect begins.. the eyes dampen and the creative spirit becomes bored as it endures the endless array of gamers and strange videos on YouTube that targets kids. Mine. And if you’re a parent, yours too..

That for me made Father’s Day amazing. My wife’s purchase of the tickets for the soccer game (I plan on writing a lot more in the future about how unfair the women’s team has it), some good dinners at outside venues.. and a phone free weekend.

And without the smart device? We did not lose touch with reality. We actually gained a bit of a connection back..

x x x x

Phone free meatless father’s day ended with a cold Corona, roasted veggies with gluten free pasta, and an amazing blueberry and strawberry salad.

I hope your father’s day was as amazing as mine.

Good day.
The summer begins.
Strawberry full moon later.
Put your phone camera down and just take a snapshot with your mind.