You never shopped at the Men’s Warehouse and never will

I wanted to briefly tell you about a chilling moment this morning. I saw an ad for the Men’s Warehouse. 

Yes.. you read that right. The Men’s Wearhouse.

Now depending on the timeline you’re currently situated in, the word “Wearhouse” may not be shocking. For me? It was a literally chill running down my arms moment.. I realized my entire life of assuming (or knowing?) it was the Men’s “Warehouse” was wrong.

The AD says it all.. the Wearhouse.

I Googled the ‘Mandela Effect’ coupled with the Men’s Wearhouse issue and found umpteenth amounts of websites that are speaking about it.. clicking through, I was greeted with everything and anything under the sun.. From the Mandela Effect to flat earth theories… And all the rest.

But the real deal here to be aware of: The Men’s Warehouse is it that. It never was a warehouse. It was a ‘wear’ house.. For men.

I think.

The timelines seem disrupted to a point of no return.

So help me dear readers, or just lampoon me if you wish. But I would love to know: Did YOU ever shop at the Men’s Warehouse?


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