There is an update on the quake swarm in the Bay area along the left coast: Now 600..

Big quake alone Chilean coastline.. 

Obama rejects the Keystone Pipeline..

Spacewalkers encounter leaking ammonia.. NASA says no danger.. 

SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE  on ‘high alert’ as Trump appears..

As a young boy, Pope Francis wanted to be a butcher.. I am sure you can come up with a few quips on that..

The newest horror movies on NETFLIX this November..

NASA releases photos of Antares rocket explosion.. the photos are remarkable. But consider that it was advancing science that exploded.. It’s tragic, actually..

FROZEN: Earth 650 million years ago in an ice age
Doomsday predictors say that the earth is going to go into a decade long freeze as solar activity ceases..

Facebook blocking links to social network competitor..

ANONYMOUS releases full listing of all KKK members with warning that some are dangerous..


More world leaders including are saying Russian airline crash could have resulted from bomb on board..

Monsanto and Deere join forces…

FEDs using Monsanto studies to decide whether Monsanto is safe..

Creepy art from THE HOLLOW horror movie// see it here..

The potency of old songs in horror movies..

Aurora could light up the entire Martian sky! MORE: The first astronauts to set foot on Mars may be in for a spectacular sight — the entire night sky filled with glowing auroras.

NASA: The sun stole a part of Mars’ atmosphere..

What happened to the water that was on Mars? Blame solar wind..

And with all of the MARS news today courtesy NASA, one would logically wonder if the same series of tragic events could unfold here. Are small tiny speck of a place in this galaxy really isn’t much different from Mars..

New study: Religious kids don’t share too much..

MIXED reviews for new PEANUTS movie.. The NEW YORK TIMES: PEANUTS ‘curses the Red Baron in 3 dimensions’

It’s not rocket surgery.. or brain surgery. But somehow Ben Carson thinks that Joseph used the pyramids in Egypt to store grain.. Trump seizes.. 

CHRSITIE weighed down: Second tier for large marge.. same for Huckabee..