Dm Pranks is back .. Terrifying Vegas with killer clowns … Good light laughs after the trick is revealed, but the video proves how scary a clown at night could be..
Dm Pranks is back .. Terrifying Vegas with killer clowns … Good light laughs after the trick is revealed, but the video proves how scary a clown at night could be..

Chile quake-triggered tsunami waves reach Japan »

GOP debate ratings appear to set new CNN record »

Here’s a bizarre moment from the debate last night .. Jeb Bush wanted to tower above Trump so much he actually stood on his tiptoes for s group shot of the candidates ..
Here’s a bizarre moment from the debate last night .. Jeb Bush wanted to tower above Trump so much he actually stood on his tiptoes for s group shot of the candidates ..


The drought in California is big news.. bigger news this weekend is the massive fires that are only expanding thanks to the heat and conditions in the state.. Two massive wildfires raged out of control in California, destroying buildings, forcing the evacuation of thousands of people, and injuring four firefighters..

This coming in from the political world: Hillary Clinton had the right to delete messages from her personal e-mail account that she deemed non-work related while she was Secretary of State, the US Department of Justice said in a court filing.. The company invovled with the scandal also said this weekend there is no evidence that the server was ‘wiped’ .. Not even with the cloth, as Clinton joked weeks ago..

The horror movie ‘GOODNIGHT MOMMY’ is getting more press.. ESQUIRE writes that it will scare the hell out of people because it’s a film about parenting.. As they go on to say, it’s what happen when a demon mom raises demon kids. I like the moral lesson that may be present. There is lots of creative and amazing horror coming out lately.. I think it’s a great thing, a fresh start, and a better path than the trash served up for about a decade..

Speaking of GOODNIGHT MOMMY, there are also some reviews online: INVERSE didn’t like it much, saying it was much less than what people would hope for.. LATIN POST did, basically saying it’s much better than the garbage served up in American horror.. And this: The HUFFINGTON POST calls it the scariest movie of the year so far..

University scientists accused of conspiring with Monsanto..

Social media during the night time hours leads to anxiety and stress, inluding depression, among teens.


Crane collapse at Mecca’s Grand Mosque kills over 100 people..

Assisted suicide approved in California..

ASHLEY MADISON hack update: Users came up with terrible passwords.

Scientist says that life on Mars existed. And that it was wiped out by a catastrophic  event..

JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 planned..  And yes, Victor Salva is going to direct. The outcry on the net, and in the comments section of BLOODY DISGUSTING, area already bringing up the sordid Salva history..

9/11 history: Remember hurricane Erin? It could have changed history but veered away from the East Coast..

Before FREDDY KRUEGER, there was the night terror.. Adam Bulger digs deep into the history of Freddy before he existed.. and how the potential night dream state deaths of the 70s and 80s led to Wes Craven creating the iconic 80s horror movie story..

Creepy baby monitor stories..


Justice Department encourages prosecution of corporate executives..

Terrorists warn they want to kill corporate executives..

New study suggests that Alzheimer’s COULD BE passed between people!

Widespread flooding and landslides in north-east Japan have forced more than 90,000 people to abandon their homes. The city of Joso, north of the capital, Tokyo, was hit by a wall of water after the Kinugawa River burst its banks…

Donald Trump insults Carly Fiorina’s looks..

There is a twitter feed for a horror movie’s goat..


EU leader proposes plan to redistribute migrants across continent

Kim Davis, out of jail, breaks her silence..

Yet another explosion at a chemical plant in China?? That would be four in a month now, to our count.. NEWSWEEK saves the day with an article saying how ‘common’ chemical plants are in the country..

USA TODAY gets an early Christmas present: A peek at KRAMPUS..

Stephen Colbert premiers: Gets immediately political.
Swipes Obama, Bush, and Trump..
Gets JEB BUSH for show..

Long Live the Queen: New record from Elizabeth II…

NINTENDO reveals MARIO KART bundle and PIMPKIN 4..

Record heat to blanket Northeast..No fall yet.

The human shoulder evolved from an ape-like form to its current state.. It would also suggest that human ancestors shared trees with chimps..

The ROCK saves drowning puppies!

Judy Carne, LAUGH-IN star, dead..

CERN’s ‘cosmic piano’ particle uses data to make music..

WASHINGTON POST reports: Is there a Planet X behind Pluto??

TIME WARNER goes wall to wall with POPE VISIT coverage..


Pope Francis calls on Catholics to take in refugees from Syria..

Palin pain: Sarah says immigrants to the United States should ‘speak American’..

A new era of horror? End of torture porn? End of found videos? A re-birth of movies that actually mean something again? 

Scientists discover the most distant galaxy found yet..

Robin Williams’ daughter speaks out..

Monster resemblance: This cloud - which bears a striking resemblance to the mutant monster, Godzilla - was captured by photographer Jay Albert on Route 128 in Gloucester, Massachusetts, one morning last week
Cool clouds: Godzilla in the sky!

Dr. Richard Alan Miller: Use your mind like a Jedi Knight..

Pope Francis ‘a little nervous’ about US trip..

A conspiracy theory is born: The China chemical plant explosion looks eerily like 9/11..


© People's Daily,China
Something very bizarre is taking place. Yet another massive explosion in China at a chemical plant.. The explosion occurred at the Diao Kou Xiang Bin Yuan Chemical Co., AFP reported citing a news website run by the local government. The blaze was extinguished about five hours later and “people in charge of the company” were detained by police, the website said.

Purple waves have been hitting the coast of Oregon for at least a month.. Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department is still working on the research, while a few phytoplankton experts from the Hatfield weighed in on the subject. Another report from Neskowin said the purple waves had a funky smell to it..

Massive fireball and streaks of light seen over Hawaii..

UK DAILY MAIL exclusive hit: NASA employees bought child porn, but now their names are being kept secret..

President Obama renames Mt. McKinley..

Mysterious Russian statue is twice as as the Pyramids! A mysterious wooden idol found in a Russian peat bog has been dated to 11,000 years ago – and contains a code no one can decipher. The Shigir Idol is twice as old as the Pyramids and Stonehenge – and is by far the oldest wooden structure in the world. And non dare call me a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist more than I would, but just peeking at that beautiful mug the statue as reminds me quite a bit of the face of an alien. Hey, I’m just saying.

NINTENDO to release smaller DS3..

Batsuit and Bruce Wayne

Ric Flair’s son in law arrested.. has been accused of strangulation and false imprisonment in Florida. The suspect is TNA star Bram, real name Thomas Latimer, who was taken into custody in Gulfport early on the morning of August 30.

Three creepy new teasers for American horror story..

NBC pulls the plug on the COACH revival it had planned.. M O O N .. that spells mistake.

UNDER THE DOME to end (finally!) this season.. Not that TV will be any better without it. But it sure will not be worse.

Bill Murray explains why GHOSTBUSTERS worked so well..

Ocean plastic to threaten 99% of seabirds by 2050..

Visitors to Auschwitz shocked to find “showers” for people visiting..

LATE SHOW with Colbert may be setting a very political early tone..

CHIPOLTE sued over GMO free menu claim..