An ode to a brief summer

So I know.. Summer is not over yet.

But it may as well be!

Halloween candy suddenly is making an appearance at my local morning convenience store stop.. The sky is blue and the sun is hot, but back to school shopping signs grace advertisements. And on Facebook people are suddenly clamoringg about what the school dress code will be for the autumnal return to classrooms.

Yes .. the long summer seems shorter now.

But… we force it to speed up.

Life itself goes by faster.

I am getting older. Perhaps you are too.. And for years I have heard people say life will rapidly speed up as the aging process takes shape.

But don’t we add a little more fuel to the fire of time than we should?

Fine, we love our phones. But should we not also put them down for a while? ….enjoy the epic days of heat and escape work and email …? Vanish? Just go off the grid for a bit?

Me personally? I realized recently that I have not had a vacation–a real vacation where I am actually away from work and a daily grind–for about 10 years … Sure, we did mini-day trips. But nothing major.. And my body is foaming at the mouth to just turn off devices and turn on the mind.

Remember the old days when magazines would publish articles in July of the ‘hottest books to read on vacation’? …when we would decide what article of personal grandeur we would take to the beach with us? ….now we just lament those days as we tap away on social media, perplexed by why our body can’t de-stress itself from the monotony of worklife.

Yes, times goes fast.

Yes it is in the blink of an eye.

But the saddest thing is how often our eyes are simply closed too life itself, only causing things to escalate at a more rapid fire speed.

We are about halfway through summer. Three quarters if you think about when people go back to school again.

As far as my window looks, the sky is still blue. The air is still hot. Summer, for a bit at least, is still here.

So … enjoy it. Each and every last moment of sweat and humidity. 

As for me? … would be hypocritical to ask you to enjoy it without me doing so, too. 

……we all just have to find the time to have time to forget time. 

Good luck to all of us with that, I’d imagine.